Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A little progress is better than nothing!

I have figured out this doily NEEDS and 
demands my full attention.  I have had to
un-tat several times and I am tired of it 
already, but I am sure there is more to
come.  I made a join from the top first 
section to the top second section, which 
I wasn't supposed to join, but.... I
really need to leave it so I don't have to 
waste any of this beautiful HDT!!!
I think it will be ok.
At this point there is a lot of ruffling, 
but I believe it's due to tatting in an
"S" shape.  I think it will be wonderful
when finished-which is a long way off!!!
Have a great day!!!  Thanks for
following these Christmas gift tattings!!! :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

First Christmas present ready for wrapping!! :)

Here it is after blocking.
First picture is on the center of our couch.
Next, is on the end of our kitchen table. 
 Last, is mostly doily.
This is the Hostess Set: Centerpiece from 
Tatting Patterns by Mary Konior.
It's about 20 inches across.
Tatted in size 10 Lizbeth Turquoise Twist.
It's a Christmas present for my in-laws.
Hope you get your Christmas tatting done!!  :)
Trying to work on the next doily, but a headache
is preventing me at the moment, and I know
that doily needs complete attention!!!  :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Start of next Christmas secret

This may look familiar to some, but the 
center will confuse them.
This is the Mystery Doily by Patty Dowden 
pattern here:
And my inspiration here:
I started and got to the second repeat when I realized
that I should have highlighted the spot in 
the directions that say I should have started
with the last ring of the top 6, but I thought, 
oh well, I will have to figure out the final 
joins.......until, I realized that I messed up the
second "S" chain and would have to untat
6 small rings on top, then an "S" chain,
and then 4 more small rings just to get
to the mistake(NO THANKS!!!).
So...I started again, but 5 repeats in 
I realize that I missed the fact of joining
the center rings properly.  Since I only have 
limited amount of the hand dyed thread
size 40 Yarnplayer's Lilac Sea
I decided  not to start again, but to join 
the center by chains of 2ds each.
When blocked it should look ok.
The complimenting color is
size 40 Lizbeth Lilac Med.
This now has to go into hiding, and I have to get 
housework finished.
Have a wonderful day and hopefully
lots of tatting too!!!  :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A messed up start on the new Christmas gift

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the colors!!!!! 
I have since restarted and am doing better.  I 
am writing out the directions because the
diagrams in this one confuse me.
Hopefully I will have the center done this week!  :)
Have a wonderful day!!!  :)

In blocking mode!

Well....I finished the tatting and made it to blocking!
I wasn't crazy about how it looked while tatting it all
in the variegated, but...I love the look from here-
although, it is wet which makes the colors darker!!  :)
I used almost every one of the straight pins I have,
and...if I would allow my perfectionist side to take over
I would have to buy another box of pins, cuz' I only
pinned what what necessary to make it look nice!
I will post another picture when it's dry!  :)
Oh, and I will give all the info. on pattern & thread
then too!
Have a fabulous day!!!
Hoping to start the next Christmas secret today!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Blog for special purpose

Ok, having my hubby love my tatting it great,
EXCEPT when I want to tat things for him 
and I know he has saved my blog address 
and shows it to others from time to time.
Well, this week was a great example of that
which left me cringing and hoping he didn't see this.
He hasn't said anything, but I know he can be a bit
sneaky and it will come out at some point if he has seen it.
So.....I decided this was smarter so that I could show all 
tatted Christmas presents and then I don't have to 
wait till everyone gets them and try to remember to
show them in the new year!!!
Plus, I have a doily I am wanting to tat specifically for my
hubby for Christmas, and I definitely don't want him
to see if beforehand!!!  
So....if you will all bear with me, this was my best option
for all other tatted Christmas gifts from now on!!!  :)
Have a wonderful day!!